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it's time for a little snack!

"There's no way these are healthy, how do I know I won't gain wait?"

Our Snacks are made with the best natural ingredients. Create your Calendar Snack within your own Calendar (it’s as easy as inviting us to your Event or Meeting). Send invitations with the tools you already use today (Email Marketing, Social Media, Landing Pages, Webpages, Email).  And then sit back and Count all the invitations sent and RSVPs received. 

It will maybe take you 15 minutes to figure out how to use Calendar Snack.  The best part?  If you get something wrong, just create a new Snack and keep going.  

Calendar Snack Landing Page (packaged and ready to use)

What if you had a ready to use Event Landing Page? One that is as simple to use? Event better, one that is automatically ready to use.  Well, we’ve got you covered. As soon as your Snack is created, you have a event landing page ready to use. One link to copy, and then start sharing it out – in email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – anywhere you could use a webpage link.

Included are four (4) single event landing pages and two (2) multiple event landing pages (for your next 25 events).

A single CTA link for Email Marketing

The power of Calendar Snack is how easy it is to use with your existing marketing tools – that’s why we created a simple way to include them within your email marketing.  There is a single CTA link ready to use within your Email Marketing campaigns.  It’s a One-Click-RSVP button.  

We include prebuilt links for Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Convertkit, and Sendgrid.  Coming soon is a way to “build your own” CTA links.  Copy and you’re ready to start sending!

Simple webpage embeds

Nothing is more frustrating than not having an easy way to use a marketing tool.  We don’t believe you need to step outside your standard process to use a new tool.  Our webpage embeds are iFrame based, and can be used within any webpage that accepts iFrames. Then, just design “around” the webform – we’ll take care of sending the invitation.

Simple and easy reporting

Snacks should be easy, who wants to login when all you really need is a single secure (created just for you) link to the information.  Our reporting link provides all the details you need to understand how well your Event is performing. You’ve never had this type of detailed report around your event (or at least without spending a ton of money for “limited” information). We track Invites Send and RSVPs received for your Event. All detailed and summarized in bite-sized pieces.

Also included is the Summary report across all your Events. Through the Powerbar dashboard.

getting your snack

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Create an Event in YOUR calendar

You already have all the information for your event. Just put it in your calendar, with all your information. CalendarSnack works best with Google or Outlook Calendar - use your desktop, browser or phone.

Send an Invite

Really, it's that simple. Just send us an invitation from your calendar. I really wish we could make it sound more complicated, but we can't. Send the invitation to and we will send you back a confirmation email.

site back & relax

the magic happens at the snack factory and inside our sausage maker. We take all your event info, mix in some secret ingredients, and shot you back all the information you need to get started.

Frequently asked questions about our process

Calendar Snack is 100% free to use for up to 10 Events (after that, you’ll need to purchase either a monthly or annual subscription).  Create as many Snacks as you want.  We want everyone to start using the Calendar as the “go to” marketing tool for live (and time-based) events. This is our way to give you a little taste. is a Calendar Marketing platform. We create “native” calendar events and send them directly to your email inbox AND your calendar. The difference is in maintaining the “connection” to your invitee’s calendar. We can tell if they have accepted, declined or if the event is still tentative. It’s really pretty cool once you see it in action.

31Events is dedicated to making it simple to use the Calendar as a marketing too for time-based marketing activities and campaigns.  Create Events, Send Invitations and provide Analytics and Reporting of the actions your customers take.

The difference is subtle, but very powerful. Email lives in the inbox, and is focused on communications. Calendar Invites live directly on the calendar, giving you the power to market to someone’s most precious resource, their time.

We are “old school” sales and marketing people. We realized early in our careers, if we could get ON someone’s calendar, for either a phone call or a face-to-face meeting, we had a much better chance of closing sales. 

Today, the inbox is crowded, time is precious, so we decided to do the hard work to get on the calendar (and there’s lots of magic in the background happening), and completely skip the inbox.

now, time to start snackin'