Get It On The Calendar FIRST!!!

more than just a catchy tagline, it's our mission

Alright, folks, listen up!
We’re on a mission to show ALL sales and marketing pros how to use the most underutilized tool on your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone…the CALENDAR!
Yeah, that’s right, we’re talkin’ about that thing you use to keep track of your dentist appointments and your Aunt Edna’s birthday. But here’s the kicker – it can also become your ultimate marketing tool!
So, let’s make it drop-dead simple for you to send calendar invites and get those RSVPs rolling in. Trust us, you’ll be able to pack those seats like sardines in a can – whether you’re doing it online or in-person.

Don't believe us? Then it's time to create your first calendar snack and find out!

Bite #1

Open your calendar (Google or Outlook).  Create a new Event (meeting).

Bite #2

Add details to the newly created event … Subject, Date Times, Location and Message.

Bite #3

Invite Us. Add one single invitee to your Event …
Save & Send

Still Scrolling?? You could have sent your FIRST calendar invite by now!

It’s time to either experience sending calendar invitations or get on with your day, we’re not here to convince you – only to show you a better, faster and easier way. 

> 30 seconds to create

> less than a minute to test

You ready? Then let’s go. 

(1) Open your calendar app, (2) Create a meeting, and (3) Invite You’ll receive an email notification for your newly created Calendar Snack, just follow the link.  Then test it with the no-code Single Event Landing Page and the mini-VIP List send of 10 email addresses.


better, faster, easier
and start your snackin' journey


Be formless, just use your own calendar to Create, Update, or Cancel your events. We work seamlessly with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook/Office 365


NO Code to get you going quickly with Upcoming Landing Pages, Single Event Landing Page, RSVP Button for Email Marketing, and VIP List Direct Invite Sending


Stop the endless email reminder after email reminder. Just update your Event and save. We'll send the updates automagically (as updated calendar invitations).


Get all your important numbers at a glance on the Organizer Dashboard. Calendar Invitations sent, RSVPs received, Invitee List. Per Event and across all Events.