"Couldn't belive how easy"
"Done at happy hour today"
"WOW! A real calendar invite"

Before Calendar Snack: You’re struggling with sending invitations for your events without going through a long registration process. And even if you send one, is it working? How do you make it easy your customers and invitees to get it on their calendar in one click? You’re stressed, work feels scattered, and there are other details to worry about.

After Calendar Snack: Now, sending invitations is a breeze. Send with my email marketing tool?  Done. Send with landing page?  Done. Send for one event or multiple events? Done. And you know it’s on the calendar, and can see who has accepted at-a-glance.  Now you can spend time to work on the other details of your event.

We used Calendar Snack to create a reminder email the day before a big product launch. We had several thousand people from our email list join the created event and that lead to our launch generating over a million dollars in under one hour. We chose calendar snack because it was able to seamlessly create an event on a variety of calendar apps.

– Lomi’s Launch Team on Indiegogo

Use your own calendar client (Google, Outlook, Office 356)

Send invitations with the tools you already use today, like Mailchimp, websites, social media or email

At-a-Glance reporting with RSVP status

Upcoming Events Landing Pages and at-a-glace reporting for all your events in a single dashboard

"These Snacks are so good, they gotta be expensive?"

We thought giving away this fabulous and easy to use marketing wonder was way too generous, but then again, you won’t know how good it is until you try it so it’s 100% FREE for the remainder of 2022 – not limits on the number of Events, Calendar Invitations Sent or RSVPs Received. You get all the Calendar Snack functionality to create events and get calendar invitations to your invitees.  

In 2023, we will be moving to a “Snack Pack” pricing model, in levels of 10, 25 and 50 events (after your first 5 free events).  Until then, what are you waiting for? Test it today, see if it works for you and gives you the results you deserve.