If it's not on the Calendar,
It Doesn't Exist

Bite-sized for your convenience

send calendar invitations

stop munching on all the empty email calories, and go right for the full flavored taste of a real calendar invitation.

embed in your website

easy to eat, use any email form you like and put it anywhere on your site, take your snack with you anywhere you go!

relax, we do all the hard stuff

easy access packaging makes snacking so easy, all you do is create an invite on your calendar, and email it to us.

code + quick start guide

we email you everything you need to get started ... code, instructions, getting started. And one simple link for your report.

more nutritious than email

Calendars live in the world of TIME.
Email lives in the world of communication. Almost no one understands the power available when you start sending real calendar invitations, rather than endless reminder emails or begging someone to ADD TO CALENDAR.

email open rates vary, but you can expect between 20% and 30% – that means for every 1,000 emails, 200 to 300 get “opened”

standard practice today for “live” events is to send endless reminder emails, continuously asking people to SAVE or ADD to calendar

your customers are busy, stop all those emails, start sending calendar invitations & start marketing to where people live, in the real world!

Pricing? right now it's free

We thought giving away this fabulous and easy to use marketing wonder was way too generous, but then again, you won’t know how good it is until you try it – so it’s 100% free. If you want more than just a snack, the full-meal-deal is coming soon at 31Events.