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Get Your Snack – Calendar Snack

Get Your Snack

It's Easy to start Snackin' ...

Just follow these simple steps to get your own Calendar Snack


Bite #1: Select any meeting/event within your Google Calendar or Outlook/Office365. It doesn’t matter if you are the meeting/event organizer or not.

NOTE: (1) We have standardized on what we believe are the top Calendar Clients (from our research over 90% of the market), we don’t provide support other calendar clients.


Bite #2: Invite us, by adding create@calendarsnack.com as an attendee to your event.

NOTE: If you don’t see the notification email within a minute (usally it only takes seconds), check your SPAM/Junk folder, it can happen on the very first email we send. If it does, add us a “safe” sender.


Bite #3: We’ll respond with an email from notification@calendarsnack.com with all the information you need to get going, including links to your Calendar Snack Summary page and Documentation.

That’s it. We’ve thought through all the tough parts, and tried to make it as simple as possible.  

And one of the links within the email will be your private link to the Snack Console.  We keep track of who has requested an invitation, and how they have interacted with it, keeping count of Accepts, Declines and Tentatives, and it’s your data.  Anytime you want the full Invitee list, click a single button and we’ll email you the list. (no email address are available through the Snack console for security reasons). 

Whether you expect 10 people or 1000, each of them will get a calendar invitation that will automatically work with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 and most industry compliant calendars, on your laptop, tablet or phone.