Why Calendar Snack?

This post is serious, so no funny quips or jokes are allowed in this one.

Calendar Snack was created by Sales & Marketing professionals for Sales & Marketing Professionals. We have managed, created, hosted, used, etc. hundreds of online and physical events and if there is one thing we have learned over the decades of doing these – if an Event is not on someone’s calendar, there is a very high probability they won’t attend. They might want to attend, or really plan to attend, but if it’s not on the ONE PLACE they manage their daily lives, it’s hard to remember.

And your job (as the Event’s Organizer) is to GET BUTTS in SEATS. It’s that simple. If no one attends your Events, or attendance is low, you failed. Everything else, along with all your hard work, is for nothing if that happens.

Calendar Snack was created to do ONE THING – Send Calendar Invitations that actually show up on the calendar for those interested in attending your Events. All we need is the email address and then a click of a single button. We take over from there and send an industry compliant calendar invitation that will do that single job.

But Sending the Calendar Invitation is only part of the equation. The beauty of the calendar is, once we send the invitation, we now also have established a “two-way” communication channel with our Invitees. They now can communicate with us through the RSVP response – Yes, No, Maybe. But there is a little known secret about the calendar, even if the Invitee doesn’t RSVP, it’s still on their calendar (it defaults to Maybe). The only way to remove a calendar event is to RSVP NO.

This isn’t to convince you to buy Calendar Snack. It’s just a reality of our online (and offline) events – most of the tools you use don’t do a very good job of sending Calendar Invitations, and even fewer can help you manage the flow of communications to your Invitees. And even if (and that’s really a capital I and capital F), they probably can’t provide you at-a-glance reports on the number of invitations sent, and the RSVP status.

Calendar Snack was designed to be simple and support getting more people to your events. Everything we do is focused on those two things. From Create a Calendar Snack, to updating or canceling your event, to understanding who has showed interest (and RSVP’d).