White Label

The white-label edition gives you full access to our technology developed with AWS messaging components and is available in a Serverless Application Model (SAM) template in Cloud Formation. That includes separated DevOps and Production pipelines included in the software agreement for your team to develop further and test if you wish. If you are not interested in maintaining the application in your AWS account, we can spin up your very own RSVP domain and set up your version for you.
Owning your RSVP domain may be necessary if you are a large enterprise’s service provider, marketing agency, or events manager. Depending upon your use case, we can help you deploy the technology using your best brand options to ensure your customers understand your calendar invite requests. We realize this is a crucial step to ensure a strong brand reputation.
If you have used calendarsnack as a customer, thank you! We have been fortunate to solicit feedback from over 3500 customers, and we are still learning how best to optimize the experience. When you select your domain, your community will be able to use the create@ your RSVP domain address. Our example white label customer is calendarsnack. To create a calendarsnack in this domain, they have chosen – “create@calendarsnack.com.” When a customer uses this email address off their calendar client, the calendarsnack is sent to the organizer’s email address.
In the calendarsnack white label example deployment, they have collected data from over 1 million calendar invitations with over 3500 customers. The data shows a strong correlation that when customers receive a calendar invite to an event the chances of then showing up is much stronger. If you would like to see somme meta data reports from this customer, we would be happy to share with you, since we own the domain and service. 
This is the workflow of how the service will work for you once you deploy with your RSVP domain. Your customer will use their calendar client to create the event, invite you to the event using the “create@yourdomain.com email address, and will receive the calendarsnack to their email address. The calendarsnack will have the pre-built landing pages and RSVP Buttons for email marketing vendors to send calendar invitations. The domain owner will access all RSVP event data generated by the customers creating events and collecting data from the calendar invitations, including the email addresses.
Included with the Cloud Formation SAM template is the Technical Deployment Guide. The guide will consist of what “switches and dials” you will have access to re-configure the critical services if you want to. The focus will include the separate Lambda layers for calendar invite disassembly, reassembly, cancellation, and update for the 1-Click RSVP Buttons in the Email Marketing templates and Landing Pages.

All the data for the single event of the calendar invitation is gathered, scored, and stored for reporting for the calendar invite domain selected by you.

Using a calendar invitation is a proven method to capture someone’s attention for a specific time and date The data over the last four years shows strong evidence that embedding a calendar invite into an email marketing template or landing page works. When customers click “YES” on the calendar invite, they have a much better chance of showing up. 

Customer use cases include Email Marketing campaigns of up to 100K sends with a Calendar Invite acceptance rate of 15% with MailChimp, SendGrid, Klaviyo, and Convertkit. 

So that’s a wrap-up here on the Calendarsnack white label example.

If you want to give it a trial to explore what you could do with building out a community for your events, we would be happy to help!