What is the RSVP Button (btw, we created that)

Hello, and welcome to the world of RSVP magic! 🎩✨ If you ever dreamed of sending invitations smoother than your dance moves, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into how you can send Calendar Snack invitations with the RSVP button made especially for those stylish email marketing campaigns.

1. Prep that Email Marketing CTA

  1. Initiate by getting your Email Marketing CTA Link(s) from your favorite email marketing platform.
  2. Think of this link as the VIP ticket to your event.

Tip: Choose wisely! The more enticing your CTA, the more folks will want to click.

2. Copy & Add – Like Making the Perfect Sandwich

  1. Copy that aforementioned CTA Link.
  2. Slide it into your email campaign. Like adding the perfect amount of mayo. Not too much, not too little.

Fun Fact: The CTA link and an email campaign have been voted “Best Duo” since peanut butter met jelly.

3. Dispatch Your Artfully Crafted Email

  1. Now, send that email campaign to your chosen list of soon-to-be event attendees.
  2. Imagine this as giving out golden tickets. Who will the lucky ones be?

Tip: Double-check your list. Aunt Marge from 3 years ago might still be waiting for an invite.

4. It’s RSVP Time – Cue Dramatic Music

  1. When your invitees receive the email, they’ll spot the dazzling RSVP button.
  2. On clicking, they’ll send an Invitation Request back to you. It’s like they’re knocking on your digital door, asking if there are snacks at the party.

5. Adding the Eager Beavers

  1. As the gracious host you are, you’ll add these new invitees to your invitee list.
  2. Just like how Santa checks his list, you’re making sure everyone’s accounted for.

6. The Final Countdown (not the song)

  1. With the precision of a ninja, send out the Calendar Invitations to the eager invitees.
  2. They click on the link, and voilà! They receive a calendar invitation.

Tip: Be prepared for the flood of “Thank you” messages and maybe the occasional “Can I bring a plus one?”

7. The Grand Finale

  1. Your invitee is then redirected to a Landing Page (either a fabulous default “Thank You” page or any ultra-cool URL you provide).

Did You Know?: The Landing Page is a great way to reiterate event details or even surprise your guests with a sneak peek!

8. Reporting – For The Number Lovers

Keep tabs on the success of your invitations by updating your event . Celebrate the victories, learn from the oopsies, and gear up for the next shindig!


And that’s a wrap, party planners! With these steps, your event’s gonna be the talk of the town. Here’s to RSVPs, Calendar Snacks, and events that everyone will remember! 🎉🍾

P.S.: Remember to always have fun and maybe keep some actual snacks around. Who can resist a good cookie? 🍪