What is Calendar Snack?

Calendar Snack is your modern fairy godmother for sending event calendar invitations and reminders! Tired of the old-fashioned email reminder chaos? Let’s dive into the world of Calendar Snack!

The Upgrade You Didn’t Know You Needed

Why beg with multiple “please-add-to-calendar” requests when you can send real calendar invites? Let’s make your event stand out and get those RSVPs flowing faster than coffee on a Monday morning.

No More “Death by Email” Reminders

Remember the 90’s? Great for pop music, not so much for email reminders. Move into the 21st century! With Calendar Snack, your event strategy is about to get jazzed up. Stop the excessive number email reminders, and start communicating through the calendar to keep your invitees in the loop.

Event Magic Right from Your Calendar

Can’t remember where you left your keys, let alone your event details? Create Events with your very own calendar! Whether you’re a Google Calendar fan or an Outlook enthusiast, we’re right there with you – be it desktop or mobile.

Simply the easiest way to start sending calendar invitations for your events … create your event (just like those team meetings you have all day) on your own calendar (Google or Microsoft) and add one additional invitee – create@calendarsnack.com – that’s it, you just created a Calendar Snack!!

Limitless Snacks

Want to throw a plethora of events? Go wild with Calendar Snack! Create any kind, and invite up to a whopping 100K people per year. That’s like, an entire stadium!

Code? Who Needs It!

Jump right in! With countless ways to send invites (and more on the way), your event attendance will skyrocket. And, we’ve made it so easy, a caveman could do it! Even without a paid subscription, you can send calendar invitations to your event with a ready-made, ready-to-use Event Landing Page. We created it just for you, and we want nothing in return, just your smiles and giggles for how simple it is.

The Art of Simplicity

Our mantra: “Be Formless.” Because why complicate? To manage your events (create, update or cancel), all you need is the calendar available on every device on Earth.

Updates and Cancellations? Piece of Cake!

Change of plans? No sweat! Update or cancel your event directly from your calendar, and watch us work our magic by notifying all your attendees. Like a wizard but for calendar things.

The Legendary RSVP Button

A button so cool it needs its own fan club. With just one link, integrate with major platforms like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Klaviyo and many more. Voilà, instant calendar invitation!

All Events Under One Roof

Got a bunch of events lined up? Simplify with event landing pages – ready to use immediately – for all your Upcoming Events or just a single one. Input your email, click once, and bam – you’re in!

VIPs Deserve the Royal Treatment

Got special peeps you want to keep in the loop? Send them a direct invite and make them feel like the kings and queens they are. (Stay tuned, this feature is baking in our oven).

Real-time, All the Time

Curious about your numbers? We’ve got a dashboard just for you. Track sent invites, RSVP rates, and more. Click and get all the juicy details mailed straight to you.

In Conclusion…

Our mission is simple: Make the CALENDAR your ultimate marketing weapon. Because, hey, it’s not just for tracking Aunt Edna’s birthday anymore. Let’s fill up those event seats, virtually or not!

So, are you game? Get your event on the calendar and see the magic unfold! 🎩✨