What is Calendar Snack?

Looking to streamline your event planning process? Say goodbye to the chaos of traditional email reminders and welcome the efficiency of Calendar Snack!

The “Email Marketing Upgrade” you didn’t know you needed
Why settle for multiple requests when you can send real calendar invites effortlessly? Let Calendar Snack elevate your events and streamline your RSVP process.

Step into the Future
Bid farewell to excessive email reminders reminiscent of the ’90s. With Calendar Snack, your event strategy enters the 21st century. Communicate seamlessly through calendars and keep your guests informed without the email overload.

Events Made Easy
Lost in the sea of event details? With Calendar Snack, create and manage events directly from your preferred calendar platform, whether it’s Google Calendar or Outlook, accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.

Simple Setup, Powerful Results
Sending calendar invitations has never been easier. Simply create your event on your calendar, add create@calendarsnack.com as an additional invitee, and voila – your Calendar Snack is ready to go!

Endless Possibilities
Plan as many events as you like with Calendar Snack, inviting up to 100K attendees per year – that’s stadium-sized capacity!

No Coding Required
Experience the simplicity of Calendar Snack’s invitation process. Even without a paid subscription, enjoy access to a ready-made Event Landing Page for your event – just create, share, and smile.

Simplicity at Its Finest
Manage your events effortlessly using the calendar available on any device. Update or cancel events directly from your calendar, and let Calendar Snack handle the rest.

Add Invites to Your Email Marketing
Integrate with major platforms like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Klaviyo, and more with just one link – offering instant calendar invitations at your fingertips.

Centralize Your Events
Simplify your event management with ready-to-use event landing pages for all your upcoming events or individual ones – just input your email, and you’re in!

VIP Treatment
Ensure your special guests feel valued with direct invitations, and stay tuned for upcoming features designed to enhance their experience.

Real-time Insights
Stay informed with our dedicated dashboard, tracking sent invites, RSVP rates, and more – delivering valuable insights directly to your inbox.

Empower Your Marketing Efforts
At Calendar Snack, our mission is clear: empower you to wield the calendar as your ultimate marketing tool. Let’s fill those event seats and unleash the magic of modern event planning!

Ready to Experience the Magic?
Get your event on the calendar today and witness the transformation firsthand! 🎩✨