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Thank You!

Powerbar is now included with every Calendar Snack created, no login required to enjoy the nutritious goodness of Powerbar.

Powerbar Purchase FAQs
Special Launch Pricing 
During the Powerbar launch, we are offering a special “one-time payment” of $500, if you purchase between now and February 1, 2021. You’ll never be billed again. As an added benefit, as we enhance Powerbar, you’ll always get the highest level features available.

Its our way of saying thank you during our launch.
Why Powerbar? 
We designed Powerbar to be the next logical step beyond Calendar Snack. We give you more ways to Send Calendar Invitations and the ability to manage all your Calendar Snacks (Events) within a single app. Going from a single Event to multiple Events, while still staying true to the simple concept of Create, Send, Count.
Who should buy Powerbar?
Any Calendar Snack user who has multiple Snacks and is managing on-going, multiple events.

Calendar Snack was created to give you the easiest way possible to send true calendar invitations for your single time-based events. But it does a terrible job managing multiple events. We created Powerbar to solve that problem.
Do you have a monthly price?
On February 1, 2021 our pricing will be set. Honestly, we are still working through all the various pricing models. During our launch (until February 2021) we are offering a single payment of $500 for “lifetime” access to Powerbar. In 2021, we expect our pricing to be set and at that time  we will offer both a monthly and annual subscription.
Do you have FREE Trial?
We do not provide a free (or limited time) trial of Powerbar. Calendar Snack is no cost for up to ten (10) events with unlimited sending of invitations and receiving RSVPs. With full functionality of our Multi-Event Dashboard and sending.

We have created several videos and provided screenshots of Powerbar. We believe if you are managing an ongoing stream of events, the time you save is invaluable. Our goal is always to get you “in and out” as quickly as possible.
Can I pay with credit or debit card?
We use PayPal for payment processing. They’re global. Our customers are global. It seemed the logical choice to make it as simple as possible. You can either pay with your Paypal account, or with your credit/debit card with Guest Checkout. Whichever payment method you choice, once your payment is approved, you will be forwarded to the Powerbar login screen. If you cancel before the transaction completes, you will come back to the Calendar Snack site.
What’s your cancellation/refund policy?
Our general policy is “be sure before you buy”.  If you’re not sure, please don’t buy Powerbar.

We do not refund or credit for partially used billing periods. You are purchasing the “right to use” Powerbar for the period of One (1) Year. Your account will automatically renew at the end each billing period. Cancellation will only take effect at the end of your current billing period. You will full access to Powerbar for the duration of your current/active billing period.
Do you have a Team Version of Powerbar?
Powerbar is focused on One Organizer, Multiple Events. Each Powerbar account is associated with a single Organizer email address. Each person on your team would need to have their own, purchased account to get the full benefits of Powerbar for their own events. Or they can use Calendar Snack to Create, Send and Count for a single event.