it's time for Calendar Snack

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It's time for a better way to create, send and count calendar invites & RSVPs

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Calendar Snack Features (and more coming all the time)

5 Free Events to test and use, then get unlimited events and invitation sending with subscription

Create Events with your own calendar Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 - desktop or phone

Unlimited calendar invitation sending no limits on the number of invitations sent or RSVPs received

Start sending Event Calendar Invitations immediately, over 15 ways to send

Ready to use CTA links for Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Klaviyo and Sendgrid

Ready to use Single Event and Multiple Event Landing Pages

Standard HTML iFrame webpage embed no javascript is required

Automatic Event Cancellation notices to all the invitees on the list (if you cancel an Event)

At a Glance Reporting and summary report for all your events and with a single click, get the Event's Invitee report emailed to you

Know Before you Buy!  Calendar Snack FAQs

Protip: Try before you buy!

Although you can buy Calendar Snack at anytime (even without using it), we highly recommend trying it out before you do.  Although we believe it is the quickest and easiest way to send calendar invitations for your marketing events, it’s not for everyone (and to make it easy, it doesn’t do everything). Remember you get full functionality for your 5 no-cost events, so you can test or event use in a campaign.

Do you have a free trial?

We do not provide a free trial of Calendar Snack.  What we do provide is the ability to create up to five (5) Calendar Snack events free (no cost) with full functionality of our Multi-Event and single event dashboard and sending. On your 6th event, we will send a notification that it’s time to purchase Calendar Snack. Your free events are still live, you can continue sending and receiving RSVPs.  We believe if you are managing an ongoing stream of events, the time you save is invaluable. Our goal is always to get you “in and out” as quickly as possible.

Do you have discounts?

If there are current discounts or promotions, they will either be automatically applied when during checkout/payment or a “discount code” will be visible for use during checkout. The current price is an annual subscription, and will automatically charged each year.

Can I pay with a credit or debit card? 
We use Shopify for our checkout. You can pay with either a credit/debit card, Google Pay, Amazon Pay or PayPal.  They’re global. Our customers are global. It seemed the logical choice to make it as simple as possible. 
What’s your cancellation policy?
Our general policy is “be sure before you buy”, which is why we provide you 5 free events to fully test Calendar Snack before you buy.  If you’re not sure about the benefits of Calendar Snack, and how it can help you, please don’t buy. If you do cancel, you will be able to use Calendar Snack for the duration of your remaining subscription.
Do you have a monthly price?
We do not provide a monthly subscription for Calendar Snack. Our pricing is based on an annual contract for a single organizer email.
Do you have a “team” version?
Powerbar is focused on One Organizer, Multiple Events. Each Powerbar account is associated with a single Organizer email address. Each person on your team would need to have their own, purchased account to get the full benefits of Powerbar for their own events. Or they can use Calendar Snack to Create, Send and Count for a single event.
Why Calendar Snack? 
We designed Calendar Snack to be the fasted way to Send calendar invitations and Count RSVPs for your event. We have sent (and counted) hundreds of thousands of calendar invitations. We send industry compliant invites that don’t require being “added” or “saved” to your invitee’s calendar. Once they receive it, it’s there. Then once they take an RSVP action (Yes, No, Maybe), we report it.
Who should buy Calendar Snack?

Any Calendar Snack user who is managing on-going, multiple events. Calendar Snack was created to give you the fasted way possible to send true calendar invitations for your events. Literally, you can manage dozens of events in minutes. Create with your own calendar, send invitations and count RSVPs, all within minutes. Your busy, we don’t want you using our app all day, the goal is to get you in-and-out as quickly as possible.