it's Calendar Snack time!

the fastest way to create, send and count one-click calendar invites & RSVPs

Bottomless Snacks!

$100/per year

The lifetime deal is gone, and we threw out all the left-overs.

New User Interface, with organizer registration and authentication, is now available.  Pricing is $100 per year, per organizer email address.

Calendar Snack Features (and more coming all the time)
Calendar Snack FAQs (see all)
What is Calendar Snack?

Calendar Snack is the quickest way (that we know) to start sending real calendar invitations to time-based events. We leverage the power of your personal/business calendar application (Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook) to create your event in our system. Once we receive your event, you can start sending calendar invitations. It’s that simple and quick.

How do I create a Calendar Snack?

Simple. Create an Event (meeting) on your calendar using either Google Calendar or Outlook. Add as an invitee. Save and Send. You will get an email notification from us within a few seconds confirming the New Event was create. Updating and Canceling an event is done through your calendar also. The whole process to create, update or cancel takes only seconds.

I created my first Calendar Snack, what now?

First, congrats – you are now on your way to uping your marketing game. Second, check your email inbox, is there an email notification from us? If it’s not there, you might need to look in your Junk (or spam) folder, regardless of how safe we try to be as a sender, it can happen based upon hundreds of different reasons. There is a single link in that email that will take you to your newly created snack, and give you instructions on how send your first calendar invitation. But also, once you send the first invite, go ahead and test Updating and Cancelling – you have full functionality (just not reporting).

Do you have a free version:

Calendar Snack doesn’t have a traditional free version, we provide a no-cost single event landing page suitable for testing or if you only have a few events per year. There is no reporting, customization or RSVP Buttons available for free. For full functionality, you will need to purchase a subscription and register your Organizer Email. The link for your no-cost landing page will be in the Notification email you receive from Calendar Snack after your create your event.

How is Calendar Snack different?

We have designed Calendar Snack to be the easiest and simplest way to send one-click calendar invitation without any additional steps required by your invitees. Also, we believe managing your events with your own calendar (Google or Outlook) is the best way to add, update and cancel events – without the needing to go to another application to do it. No one else uses your calendar or provides a simple, easy way to send calendar invitations.

I used Calendar Snack when it was free, now what do I do?

The quick answer is … your Events are still sending calendar invitations for any previously created Events. And you can continue to create Calendar Snacks, but sending is limited to the “free” landing page.  Going forward, you will need to purchase an Annual Subscription for $100 and register the Organizer Email used previously.

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