Bite-sized for your convenience


easily create calendar invitations for your events - using your own calendar client (not a complicated application)


send invitations with the tools you already use today, like Mailchimp, websites, social media or email


know who has requested and invitation and if they plan to attend your event

more nutritious than email

Calendars live in the world of TIME.

Email lives in the world of communication. Almost no one understands the power available when you start sending real calendar invitations, rather than endless reminder emails or begging someone to ADD TO CALENDAR.

stop wasting clicks
send an invitation with one-click RSVPs and turn your CTAs into calendar invite vending machines
standard practice today for “live” events is to send endless reminder emails, continuously asking people to SAVE or ADD to calendar
your customers are busy, stop all those emails, start sending calendar invitations & start marketing to where people live, in the real world!

"These Snacks are so good, they gotta be expensive?"

We thought giving away this fabulous and easy to use marketing wonder was way too generous, but then again, you won’t know how good it is until you try it so it’s 100% FREE. 
The Paid Version, called Powerbar, will be available soon for the unbelievably low price of $500 per year.