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Multi-Event Quick Start

Entering Dashboard

1. Enter via the link provide on your CREATE notification, then click HOME or Dashboard at the top menu

2. Press Enter

Multi-Event Dashboard

1. The Multi-Event Dashboard is your entry point into Powerbar. It provides a quick view of the latest 100 events created with Calendar Snack.
2. Click the Card/List view to change how the Events List is displayed
3. Two sorting switches are available:  Sort by Create or Start Date, and sort Newest First or Oldest First.
4. To View a Single Event, click the Event Name (list view) or the Go to Event (card view).  It will go directly to Event Details
5. To Navigate back to the Multi-Event Dashboard, Click the Home icon on the top menu bar.

Multi-Event Send

1. Multi-Event Send provides two functions: Multi-Event Landing Page and Direct Sending of Invitations to a private email list.
2. The Multi-Event Landing page is ready to use, use the Grab-n-Go button to copy the link to your dashboard.
3. Share the link within your marketing campaigns.  
4. Below is an example of the Landing Page.  Only Future Events will be displayed, if you have canceled and event, it will not be listed.

Multi-Event Reporting

Single Event - Review and Test

Single Event - Send