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Calendar Snack Quick Start

Creating Your Calendar snack

  1. Create or use an existing Meeting/Event on your calendar (fully tested with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office 365)
  2. Add create@calendarsnack.com as an Attendee/Invitee
  3. Save your meeting/event, and send the invite

Calendar Snack receives the Event’s Invitation. We do our auto-magic and prepare it for you. After processing, Calendar Snack will send a notification email back to the originator’s email address (you). This email will include links to preview your Calendar Snack and quick links for sending calendar invitations.


Although you can use an existing meeting/event, it is usually best to create a NEW one. If you have an Event on your calendar, both Google and Outlook provide the ability to duplicate (create a copy) the Event.


Do not delete the original Meeting/Event off your calendar. It is required in the event you want to Update, Edit or Cancel.

Creating a Calendar Snack

Updating Your Event (NEW! in 2022)

Updating your Calendar Snack is as easy as creating it.

  1. Open the original Event on your calendar (the one you created with Google or Outlook)
  2. Make whatever changes are like, Date, Time, Location, Title (subject line), or Message
  3. Save the changes
  4. Send the updates to the Invitee List

That’s it. Calendar Snack will send out the updated Event information to anyone that has requested the calendar invitation, and it will automatically notify them of the changed information.

Also, the updated information will be your current Calendar Snack, all new Invitees will automatically receive the updated Event info.


Some updates (for example Date or Time changes) will require a NEW RSVP from the Invitee. Other information (like changing the message body) will shop up in their inbox as “important information” but not action is required for RSVP.

Calendar Snack Updating Your Event

Canceling Your Event (Updated in 2022)

Just in case you need to Cancel your Event, we make Canceling it is as easy as creating it.

  1. Open the original Event on your calendar (the one you created with Google or Outlook)
  2. Cancel the Event
  3. Save the changes
  4. Send the updates to the Invitee List


That’s it. Calendar Snack will send out the Canceled Event Notification to anyone that has requested the calendar invitation, and in most cases, the Invitee’s calendar will automatically delete it from their calendar.


It’s not possible to reverse the Cancel process. If you are changing times or the day of your Event, it might be easier to just Update it. If the Event is no longer happening, it’s best to Cancel it

Calendar Snack Cancel Event

Creating your Calendar Snack // Notification Email

After creating your Calendar Snack, you will receive a Notification Email (like the one on the left). This email will contain the following information and links:

  • Directly from notifications@calendarsnack.com to the email addressed to create the Calendar Snack
  • The Event’s Name
  • The email address used to create the Event
  • A unique ID we call the EventID
  • A direct link (usually clickable, but you may need to copy and paste it into a web browser)
  • A clickable button to go directly to your Calendar Snack
  • Other helpful links, including our website and YouTube channel
  • You will also receive Notification emails for Updating or Cancelling your Event

If for some reason you do not see this notification email within about a minute, please check your SPAM folder. Although we generally are considered a “safe sender” being sent to the SPAM folder happens. We suggest adding the Calendar Snack domain to your safe sender’s list.

Creating Your Calendar Snack | Notification Email

Navigating Calendar Snack’s Online Application

Navigating between pages

  • At the top of each page is how you navigate “back” to either the previous page or to the Dashboard
  • << click to go back to any page within the page flow
  • >> designates the current page

Navigating to a Page/Function

  • Buttons navigate you to a function or a specific page
  • Click on the green button

If you ever get stuck, go back to the dashboard and find your Event. The dashboard screen will automatically filter for All Upcoming Event, but you can quickly find any Events created in the last 7 days or your past events by clicking on the circle next to the text.

Calendar Snack Application Navigation

Sending Calendar Invites with Landing Pages

Calendar Snack automatically creates various Landing Pages for you, they are immediately available, and can be used anywhere for quick links for Calendar Invite Opt-in. They provide an overview of your Event, and a single email input box, once submitted, your Invitee will be sent a Calendar Invitation.

We provide both an Upcoming Events and Single Event Landing Page.

  • To Preview the Landing Page – click on the ICON, it will open a new tab/window in your browser.
  • To Get the Link – click on the Grab-n-Go button. The link will be available for you to paste anywhere (including social media).

The Upcoming Events Landing Page (NEW! in 2022) allows you to add your Logo to the page.

  • Your Logo has to have a full, HTTPS URL and be a web-readable graphics format.
  • Place the URL in the input box provide, one there, you can click the ICON to preview or Grab-n-Go to copy the full link.
  • Place the link anywhere
Sending Calendar Invites with Landing Pages

Sending Calendar Invites with Email Marketing CTA Link

Calendar Snack provides a single CTA (Call-to-Action) link that can be used within any Email Marketing Platform utilizing customization merge codes. To make it as easy as possible, we have Mailchimp, Kalviyo, ConvertKit and Sendgrid links preconfigured to use.

  • Click on the button for your email service provide
  • Link is copied to your clipboard
  • Paste the link in your email (within your designer) – use it with a button, a graphic or link text

When you send your email campaign, the Calendar Snack CTA Link is correctly formatted with the “merged” email address. Anyone receiving the email simply needs to click the link, they will be forwarded to a “Thank You” landing page, and an invitation will be sent automatically within seconds, directly to their inbox.

If you use a different Email Service Provider (you will need the specific merge code for EMAIL) or would like to use your own landing page, click the customization button, make your changes, click the logo button, and your new link will be ready to use.

Sending Calendar Invitations with Email Marketing Campaigns

Sending Calendar Invites with Webpage Form Embed

Calendar Snack provides an embeddable webform to be used within “designable” webpages. We provide you with a ready-to-use HTML iFrame. Most webpage designers allow pasting of custom HTML code.

  • Choose which webform to use – the plain email input box or the Event overview.
  • A live preview if provided, the actual background of the iFrame is transparent, allowing you to place within your page’s design.
  • To copy the code, simply click the Grab-n-Go button, and then paste within your webpage designer
  • The iFrame is designed to be Mobile Friendly (responsive), but always check how it looks within your own page
Send Invites with Webform

Calendar Snack Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to quickly move between events and view reports across all your Events.

  • Quick link to your Upcoming Events Landing Page, if you would like to add your logo, click on the customize button and follow the instructions, otherwise, just click the Grab-n-Go button to copy the link.
  • Detailed Report across all your Events
  • The listing of Events can be filtered, the default filter is Upcoming Events, to quickly see any Events created in the past 7 days, click the box, or the box for your past Events.
  • This list will contain the most recent 100 Events you have created.
  • To see a Single Event, click the button at the bottom of the summary card.
Calendar Snack Online Dashboard

Calendar Snack Reports Organizer Events

To see a summary report across all your Events, click the Detailed Report off the Calendar Snack Dashboard. The name really says it all, this is a “roll-up” report for totals across all your Events.

It provide details on how many Events you have created, how many RSVPs you have received and your RSVP Response Rate. Other details are provided, for each of those two metrics.

Calendar Snack Organizer Report

Calendar Snack Reports Event Details

To see a summary report of a single Event, navigate to the Event you want to review, click the Detailed Report button on the Event Overview page. It provide details on how many Events you have created, how many RSVPs you have received and your RSVP Response Rate. Other details are provided, for each of those two metrics. You can quickly see how your single Event is doing from this page. To receive a list of all your Invitees, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Calendar Snack Single Event Report

Calendar Snack Reports Details Invitee Report

At the bottom of the single Event Detailed Report page, there is a listing of your Invitees. We limit this list to the 100 most recent and “hide” the full email address for privacy reasons. You can quickly scan the list, but it’s most powerful if you have it sent to you.

To receive the Invitee list, just click the button, we will send this report to the Organizer’s Email as a CSV file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You will be able to see the Invitee’s full email address, along with the most recently received RSVP information.

Calendar Snack Event Invitee Report