Navigating the User Interface

Hello, event maestro! Welcome to the core of your event management—the Organizer Dashboard. If you’ve been seeking a comprehensive way to monitor all aspects of your events effortlessly, you’ve found the perfect tool! Let’s explore.

What You’re Viewing:

🗓️ Events Here’s the detailed overview of your scheduled activities:

  • Upcoming Events: Prepare for the events that are just around the corner. You’ll see a count of these upcoming events prominently displayed.
  • Active: These are the events currently in progress. For each event, you can view:
    • Event date & time
    • Event name
    • Number of invitations sent
    • RSVPs received (vital for headcounts)
    • RSVP Response Rate in % (we handle the calculations for you)
  • Cancelled: Review any events that didn’t proceed as planned.
  • Recently Created: If there’s nothing here, it might be time to plan a new event.
  • Past Events: Reflect on completed events, analyzing outcomes and learning from past experiences.

🔗 Handy Links Access these quick links for efficient management:

  • Send Invites: Essential for turning an empty room into a vibrant gathering.
  • Get Reports: Dive into detailed analytics whenever you need insights or just wish to satisfy your curiosity.