I just created my new delicious Calendar Snack, but what now??

Welcome to the world of Calendar Snack! Now that you’ve created your very first one, let’s delve into how to make the most of this powerful marketing tool.

Step 1: Acknowledge Your Achievement
Take a moment to appreciate your accomplishment. You’ve successfully crafted your inaugural Calendar Snack! This marks the beginning of leveraging a valuable resource for marketing your events effectively.

Step 2: Check Your Inbox
Time to check your email inbox (the email address inbox used to create the calendar event). Look out for a message from us confirming that your Calendar Snack is ready to roll. If you don’t spot it right away, don’t worry. Sometimes, important emails can end up in the spam folder. Double-check there before proceeding.

NOTE: In some cases, for larger organizations with complex email security or spam rules, you may need to check with your IT organization or the

Step 3: Access Your Calendar Snack
Within that email, you’ll find a single link – your access pass to your freshly created Calendar Snack. This link will lead you to your Event Landing page, equipped with everything you need to manage your event smoothly, from sending invites to updating and canceling.

Step 4: Embrace Experimentation
Sending out your first invite is just the beginning. Get creative, explore the various features available to you, and utilize them to effectively market your event. Feel empowered to update and cancel as needed, ensuring your calendar invites reflect the latest information.

There you have it – in just a few simple steps, you’ve transitioned from Calendar Snack novice to savvy marketer. Embrace this tool and leverage it to enhance your marketing efforts effectively. Cheers to elevating your event promotions with Calendar Snack!