How to Update a Calendar Snack (and send updated calendar invitations)

Ready to easily update your event? If you’re looking to modify your Calendar Snack, you’re in the right place. Here’s a simple guide to help you make those changes:

Start with an Edit:

Begin by navigating to the calendar event you wish to update, accessible via your Google Calendar or Outlook.

Feel free to alter the event details according to your needs. Whether it’s a change in the meeting room, the theme, or a last-minute notification that the event is happening within an hour—it’s all under your control.

Save Your Changes:

Once you’ve made the necessary edits, be sure to click the “Save” button. This action finalizes your updates.

Distribute the Updated Invitation:

Next, send out the refreshed Calendar Snack by selecting “Send Event.”

Automatic Behind-the-Scenes Updates:

Once updated, the system automatically processes and stores the new event details. This update occurs seamlessly in the background.

Issue the Updated Invitations:

An updated invitation is then automatically sent to everyone on the guest list, ensuring all attendees are informed of the new details.

Receive Confirmation:

After the updates are distributed, you will receive a “Calendar Snack Update Notification” email, confirming the successful modification of your event.

Attendee Responses:

Invitees need not take any action; the updated event information will appear directly in their calendars.

Check Attendance Details:

To review who has confirmed their attendance or who might be late, please visit the “Calendar Snack Event Reporting Page.”

With these steps, your Calendar Snack is now up-to-date. We hope this process was straightforward. Looking forward to your next update. Keep up the great work!