Cancelling an Event with Calendar Snack

If you need to cancel an event scheduled with Calendar Snack, rest assured that the process is straightforward. We’ll ensure that both you and your attendees are promptly informed. Here’s a guide on how to cancel your event efficiently:

  1. Cancel the Event in Your Calendar: Simply select the “cancel” option for the event in your calendar.
  2. Save the Event Data: Even though the event will not proceed, save the cancellation to ensure all details are correctly updated in the calendar.
  3. Send the Event Cancellation to Calendar Snack: This step informs Calendar Snack of the cancellation, ensuring the system is updated.
  4. Receive and Save the Cancel Event Data: Calendar Snack will acknowledge the cancellation and automatically save the updated event data.
  5. Send Cancellation Notifications to Invitees: A cancellation notice will be sent to all your invitees, informing them of the change. No further action is required from them to remove the event from their calendars.
  6. Notification Email to Organizer: You will receive an email notification from Calendar Snack to keep you informed about the cancellation process.
  7. Access the Event Reporting Page: You can click on the link in the notification email to view the Calendar Snack Event Reporting Page, where you can see all details and the status of notifications sent out.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully canceled your event with Calendar Snack. Communication is essential, and with Calendar Snack, it’s streamlined and effective.