Getting Started

Step 1: Invite Us.  

Create a new calendar event in Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.  Add all the relevant information (do not include a timezone for start and stop).  Then, invite Calendar Snack to the newly created event by adding as a guest/attendee.

NOTE:  Please use either Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to create your Calendar Snack.  You can use either the desktop, browser or mobile versions of either of those calendar applications.

Step 2:  Calendar Snack Confirmation Email

You will receive an email from (that’s us) confirming the details.  If you do not see an email within a few minutes, please check your Spam or Junk folder – there is always the possibility has been filtered.  It’s important to save this email right now.  For security purposes, we don’t provide a method to recover this information, specifically, the Event ID is unique and is used extensively throughout the Calendar Snack application. 

Step 3:  Calendar Snack Summary

Within the Confirmation Email, click on the Calendar Snack Summary link.  You will go to the Summary page for the newly created Calendar Snack.  Within the summary table below your Event information, there should be Zeros.  No invitations sent and no RSVP actions. 

Step 4:  Calendar Snack Test

Go to the Sent Test page.  On this page, there is form, enter your NAME and EMAIL address.  The button is disabled until you enter the information, once entered, the button will turn red, press the Invite Me button to “request” the event’s invitation.  You should receive a calendar invitation at the email address you entered within seconds. 

Check your email client for the newly sent Event Invitation (it could be in the SPAM folder).  To test the RSVP, click either the ACCEPT or TENTATIVE.  Return to the Calendar Snack Summary page, if it worked, there will not be  ‘1’ Sent Invitation and ‘1’ RSVP action (whichever you chose).

NOTE:  Currently there is a problem is you refresh the browser window, and it will give you an error.  If this happens, go back, to your Confirmation Email and click the link for your Calendar Snack.  In most cases, this will correct the problem.

Step 5: Calendar Snack Code  

When you are ready, we’ve provide several options on how to “use” your Calendar Snack.  Currently, there are three options, they are ready to use immediately.

  • Opt-in Webpage Embeddable Form
  • CTA Link for Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Landing Page with Details Event Information

Step 5a: Calendar Snack Code – Opt-in Embed for Webpage 

When you are ready, we’ve provide special HTML code that can be embedded within any webpage.  To do this, we utilized an <iframe> and it is designed to work seamlessly.  

Click the CODE button at the top of the page.  Go to the Webpage Code section, highlight the entire code (from <iframe> to </iframe>), and use your systems COPY command.  Once copied, you would navigate to your webpage design application, and paste it to the page you would like for the Opt-in form to be located.

Please do not modify the code, we have designed it to display properly regardless of the device or browser used by your webpage visitors.  

Once you save/publish your webpage, is should be available to use.  Please test again, to ensure it works properly from your website.

Step 5b: Calendar Snack Code – CTA Link for MailChimp (and Email) Campaigns

We have also provide a simple way to include a direct-send invitation within your MailChimp campaigns.  Navigate to the MailChimp CTA section on the CODE page, and copy the entire HTML URL Link provided.  Within the MailChimp Campaign Designer, copy this URL for any design element you would like to have the link.  It has been tested as a Button Link, a text link or a graphics link.  

You can change the Landing Page of the CTA Link in the input text box provided to any valid URL, beginning with HTTPS or HTTP.  If you are editing the CTA Landing Page URL, do that prior to copying the CTA Link.

Test your campaign and click the link to ensure it works properly.  

NOTE: When the CTA link is clicked, it sends a calendar invitation and then “lands” on the designated CTA Landing Page.  The Calendar Snack Landing Page is represented below.  Best practices would be to change the Landing Page to your own, with your branding and information. 

Step 5c: Calendar Snack Code – Landing Page Link

This is the a link to an auto-generated Event Landing Page with Registration Form. The link can be used within any HTML read page or even within an email.

Step 6:  Calendar Snack Invitee Detail 

The Calendar Snack Summary page provide a quick summary of how many invites have been sent, along with the count of RSVPs received.  

The Calendar Snack Invitee Detail page provides a detailed view of those numbers, along with the Name (if provided) and Email address provided.  Within the table view, you can Sort (ascending/descending) columns or type within the Search box.  Search is immediately available, and will start eliminating Invitee records based upon what’s typed.