Calendar Snack Documentation

Quick Start

Step 1: Invite Us.  

Create a new calendar event in Google Calendar.  Add all the relevant information (do not include a timezone for start and stop).  Then, invite Calendar Snack to a Google Calendar Event by adding as a guest.

NOTE:  Currently, the only way to create a Calendar Snack is through Google Calendar.  If you use any other calendar application, it will fail and you will not get a confirmation email.

Step 2:  Save the Confirmation Email

You will receive an email from (that’s us) confirming the details.  It’s important to save this email right now.  During the BETA release, you will not have a way to recover this information, specifically, the Event ID is unique and is used extensively throughout the Calendar Snack application. 

Step 3:  Test Your New Calendar Snack Event

The easiest way to test your new Calendar Snack is to send an email to with the following information, in this format (notice the name and colon format, and each needs to be on it’s own line, italics is not necessary):

  UID: [the Event ID from the confirmation email] 
  Name: Your Name 
  Email: Your Email

If the above was done properly, you should receive a calendar invitation in your email.

Step 4:  View Your Calendar Snack Details

Go to 

You will need to replace the XXX with the Event ID from the confirmation email, otherwise there will be an error on the page, you won’t be able to see your Calendar Snack details. There should one invitation sent and either No RSVP Action or the action you took within your email.

Step 5: Create an Opt-in Form for Your Website

We use the most common type of form on the internet – an email form – for opt-in forms on a webpage.  There are are any number of ways to accomplish creating an email form, we have included one way further in the documents for WordPress – but it isn’t the only way.  If you create your own form, follow the instructions below.

Form with the following fields and properties:
  Hidden Field, ID = UID, Value = [Event ID from the Confirmation Email]
  Text Box, ID = Name, Required, Value = [from text box]
  Email Text Box, ID = Email, Required, Value = [from text box]

Email Properties to Send the Form Data: 
  Send To Email Address: 
  Reply To Email Address: 
  Subject: Invite Me 
     UID: [Event ID from Hidden form field] 
     Name: [from form text box] 
     Email: Your Email: [from form text box]

Once you have the form on your webpage, we suggest testing it again, and making sure it works properly, and then you can see the details on the Calendar Snack detail page.

Step 6:  Finish up

Once you have tested your opt-in form, place it on your webpage.  You can check your Calendar Snack details at anytime.  Soon you will have the ability to download your Invitee List details (emailed to you as a CSV file) that you can used to analyze your events or upload into another program.

If you have any problems, go the page and ask your question in the popup support window.  We will get back with you as quickly as possible.

Detailed Instructions

Create an Event (note: to not add a timezone to the event start or end)

Calendar Snack Confirmation Email

View Your Calendar Snack Details - No Event ID

View Your Calendar Snack Details with Event ID

Calendar Snack Testing (stand alone)

Testing Your Calendar Snack

View Calendar Snack Details After Test

RSVP to Your Test Event

View Calendar Snack Detail after RSVP

Creating a Webpage Opt-in Form for Invitation Sending

Create an Opt-in Form - Step 1: Creating the Form

Create an Opt-in Form - Step 2: Modifying the Form Fields

Create an Opt-in Form - Step 3: Modifying the Form Actions

Create an Opt-in Form - Step 4: Modifying Email Properties

Create an Opt-in Form - Step 5: Modifying the Form Options

Test Your Opt-in Form

See the Test Invitation in Your Email Client

View Calendar Snack Detail